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Safety Sight: Application for safety driving by SOMPO Thailand with 5 Functions for safe driving


Notify when the vehicle is in the immediate or moving.

know the distance
The smartphone analyzes the distance of the vehicle from the front of the vehicle and from the position information. And when the car is approaching the front or the time when the car is moving. The system will sound alerts.

* The screen turns off after the specified time has elapsed.


Evaluate driving safely.

Evaluated by actual driving practice.
The system evaluates the safety of the vehicle's distance and speed from the location information. Te shock that the smartphone captures.


Driving record

Auto Accident Event Recording
The program suddenly catches the brake or crash while driving. The program will record the front image ater 10 seconds (the longest) automatically and can record the image manually.


Driving history

Show driving directions or find a sudden bump on the map.
The program records running routes, brakes and sudden acceleration, including the maneuverability of the vhicle. And displayed on the map.


Emergency contact

Check your emergency contact number when an accident or damage occurs.
The program will have emergency contact number and police station number. When it happens, the smartphone will be able to make a call immediate

* 1. The use of a third telephone booth to hold the phone to the glass. And do not interfere with the driving or operation of the airbag.

* 2. It is an application to help drive safely. Can not prevent the accident directly.

* 3. Check out the detailed application description of the application.

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Application for safe driving A smartphone app that helps prevent accidental driving by Sompo Thailand.

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