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E-Marine Service

Sompo Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited always finds ways to improve speed of service to our clients. Therefore, e-marine certificate is an alternative for client who needs speedy service in marine insurance.

E-marine certificate is a service which is developed to reduce time in issuing and delivering policy from using a messenger to using email. Insured or shipping company will receive e-marine certificate promptly through email and print it out for shipping procedure or deliver the certificate to consignee to confirm insurance arrangement in case of export.

E-marine starts from insured or shipping company delivers Invoice, Bill of Lading and Packing List to us. Our staff will promptly issue insurance certificate and email it through internet. After receiving the certificate, shipping company can print the certificate out and use it for custom process right away. The insurance policy and receipt will be issued to the insured later.

The entire process takes only 15 - 30 minutes after receiving complete documents. This will help insured receives speedy service.

Step Flow

  • Shipping company or forwarder gives us the declaration document together with sailing date (by each shipment).
  • We will issue the insurance policy or certificate and sending all insurance documents back to the shipping company for their further process. (All documents have been issued on shipment base)
  • We will provide all related insurance documents to client for premium collection. Issuing of policy report will be provided on client’s request.